Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Why does a snap speak a thousand words?
Because it takes up as much digital space on your disk(thousand times)....
As mere mortals we covet Godness sometime or the other,we want to control "things" around us.We maynot fast or rewind the time tape but we surely can freeze it....a snap does it for us.A moment paused in time, for eternity.
While others look at things,a lensman "sees" it because he knows all things will perish,the camera....the man behind it, but the essence captured shall linger in want of nostalgia...may be forever.
The lensman whispers in your ear,"I wish you could see the beauty I behold...mother nature and our rich heritage that it preserves, I shall feel blessed even if one person makes an effort to love and shelter it, I just you could see...what I see"

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