Saturday, 9 July 2011

A New Journey .... " Rocky Caves Really Rocks at Khandagiri"

Which can be a better place than the old rock crafted caves of Khandagiri !! We started our journey from this very place ,the reason being that we have been in acquaintance to these very caves since school goers but never did understand the beauty , craftsmanship, dedication that beholds inside it.

This photographic adventure is a tiny effort from Me & Soumya { if u cant recognize don't worry we too will have our photographs very soon : ) } to take you to the places which have not only added beauty to the state but also have given us the recognition of who we are .We tend to forget what our ancestors did for us so that we could learn in the future and it does matter what we leave for our future generation for them to learn. Please take active participation in saving what we have and whenever you visit such a place please make sure to think for at-least 2 Minutes concerning why did they built this ??


Journey Begins .....

"The scenic beauty of Khandagiri that most people have either forgot or remain to be forgotten"

"Eyes might not capture the pureness of the what we see but camera does : ) "

 "The Entrance speaks a lot to be described "

"Stairs to Heaven at Khandagiri"

 "Even the scars have given up "

 "This pic shows how we can exist without being alone"

 "Khandagiri a great place for amateur rock climbers" 

"Co-existence is the next BIG thing"  

" Black Beauty always need not to be ALIVE"

" The small caves of meditation was actually the most peaceful place i found "

 "What kind of passion they possessed which resulted this "

"The only way we could take our photos ; ) , but we didnt "

"The Last Pic says a lot , for U to decide "

Hope You Loved it !! And Wait for our Next Theme " Bhubaneswar - City of Temples"

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Why does a snap speak a thousand words?
Because it takes up as much digital space on your disk(thousand times)....
As mere mortals we covet Godness sometime or the other,we want to control "things" around us.We maynot fast or rewind the time tape but we surely can freeze it....a snap does it for us.A moment paused in time, for eternity.
While others look at things,a lensman "sees" it because he knows all things will perish,the camera....the man behind it, but the essence captured shall linger in want of nostalgia...may be forever.
The lensman whispers in your ear,"I wish you could see the beauty I behold...mother nature and our rich heritage that it preserves, I shall feel blessed even if one person makes an effort to love and shelter it, I just you could see...what I see"

and Thus we saw......

The Jagganath Temple in mid 19th century......can someone describe the feeling when you fix your eyes on this photo?